Tumult hype

Hype 2.0 is a solid WYSIWYG tool for HTML5 animation and interactive graphics

Adobe came out with Edge in 2011, but it requires a Creative Cloud subscription. Sencha Animator is available as well, but the US$99 price tag might be a deterrent.

Then there's HypeCreated by two former Apple engineers, it is a low-cost, yet powerful tool for creating keyframe-based animation in HTML 5. Version 1 made its debut in May 2011, and 2.0 was released on August 20. 


If you've ever used Flash, Hype will look very familiar. Most of the program centers around the stage, with timeline and properties bars beneath it. On the stage, you can expand various panels for adding scenes to your content or various elements. The preview button allows you to toggle among your browser of choice to view your project.